Global Logistics and Supply Chain Technology

一道本不卡免费高清Workforce Certificate

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Technology WC

Business technology, warehouse management and logistics operations

The Global Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Workforce Certificate (W.C.)一道本不卡免费高清 is designed to educate, train and prepare students for careers in logistics business environments. Through applied classroom and lab experiences, the program enables students to achieve the required level of communication, critical thinking, technical, analytical and supervisory skills required for entry-level warehouse, distribution center and other logistics related positions.

This program is currently not being offered at this time. Please reach out to any of the other certificate programs in this area of study or contact Advising for assistance. 

Program Information

Program Code:  5320

600 Clock/Contact hours

Financial Information

Financial aid is available, if qualified. 

Contact Information

Phone: (904) 646-2300

*Tuition reflects Florida resident rates and are subject to change. Certain classes that require labs may have additional fees for lab supplies. Additional fees are published in the class schedule